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Operation Safe Escape

Operation Safe Escape

We here at Flaming Bean Roastery are dedicated to charitable causes. This is why a portion of all profits go to our favorite charities.


OSE fights against domestic violence in three ways. First is by empowering the individuals impacted by domestic violence, helping them (and their children) turn from victims to survivors. They help to develop secure communication channels with their support system and local shelters, and then build on that to provide security and safety guidance relevant to their current step in the process.

Next, they make sure that the survivor has a safe place to go. To do this, we work with shelters, safe houses, support systems, social services, and advocacy groups in developing security solutions and training staff on counter-surveillance, physical security, cybersecurity, and other security concepts. The goal is to make sure all heroes fighting against domestic violence are safe.

Finally, they work with law enforcement to help provide resources and address any training gaps related to the technical aspects of abuse, stalking, harassment, and other crimes. They work with officers all over the country to help them understand the challenges that victims of domestic violence (and increasingly often, human trafficking) face even after the abuser has been removed from the home. They’re in the process of capturing some of these lessons learned in a formal training program.

Anyone using the discount code SAFESCAPE will get 5% off their order, and another 5% will go towards Operation Safe Escape! In addition, if you want to help them out more, please feel free to donate to them!