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The Company

About Us

Custom Coffees Ltd.(aka Flaming Bean Roastery) is a small roastery in Midlothian, Texas that is based on a few simple principles. Our employees are invested in our products. Our product will be of high quality and low cost. We will source and sell ethically. The idea started about 5 years ago when Tony was trying to find something constructive to do in some spare garage space. While also developing the Caffeine Cowboy Coffee Company concept and infrastructure, Tony decided to convert his garage into a small roastery. This is how it all started. We also have a vested interest in charity and giving. FBR is currently creating coffees for multiple organizations to help support them in their mission. You can find our current charitable projects on our charities page..


Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt has been a coffee enthusiast for most of his life. Originally working in the tech industry, he moved into the coffee market after accepting a CTO/Technical Advisor role for other coffee companies and startups. One of his clients, J.B. Blocker, a famous Master Roaster, started teaching him many years ago. Tony and James still work closely together on multiple coffee industry startups.